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My Mother's Sketchbook


My mother’s sketchbook is my treasured possession.   She made these sketches in the late 1930’s when she was at home recuperating from appendicitis.  So the figures depicted include my grandfather, grandmother and my aunt. 


The sketches are done in pencil in a lined notebook.  I appreciate these sketches for her style, which is very detailed and of the time.  She depicts objects and actions which now seem nostalgic, e.g. a lorgnette, a corsage, a woman ironing, a dressing table with all its paraphernalia. 


I am very touched by these careful sketches.  I have recreated them out of a desire to honor my mother and to capture her spirit.  I have transformed my versions into acrylic paintings on board.  I have freely added color but have kept my renditions to the scale of the sketchbook.

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